AccuAluminum of R. J. Collins Incorporated

R.J. Collins Incorporated has the goal of “Optimizing DC Billet Casting” for aluminum companies who want to achieve:

  • World class low scrap rates.
  • The elimination of random non starts, bleed outs or early plug offs.
  • The best internal and external billet quality.
  • The solution to the randomly occurring difficult billet casting defects and problems.
  • Improved life from consumables such as graphite rings, transition plates, and thimbles.
  • The reduction in the butt crop length so that productivity is improved and unnecessary remelt costs are reduced.
  • An increased casting pit efficiency by optimizing the casting parameters as the last step in the overall improvement process.

After achieving this, one customer reported: “This was the very best investment I have made in my cast house.” This success is accomplished by combining world class troubleshooting experience, process and equipment know-how, operator training, with modern process upgrades and equipment. All of the upgrades and equipment were developed from the hard knocks of troubleshooting DC Casting in many parts of the world under many different casting conditions. In addition they are critical to be able to holistically troubleshoot all aspects of the casting process to achieve maximum recovery and productivity. The potential costs savings and benefits are significant and can be calculated by clicking on and completing the form “Aluminum Casting Pit Scrap Input Survey” and email it to This information will be held in strictest confidence and is free just by registering on the web site. In return, a power point presentation will be provided that details the potential cost savings and benefits.

A typical starting point is to do an independent casting audit that provides short and long term recommendations for improvement. In most cases significant improvement can be seen just by implementing the short term recommendations of the R. J. Collins approach to billet casting. Refer to the white papers below and our Products and Services section of this website for a summary of the equipment and technical services available.

This approach has proven to be the most successful, important and cost effective way of reducing scrap rates. Customers who have combined Accu-Set™ Mass Flow Mold Calibration with Accu-Test™ Billet Mold Testing System have seen their scrap rates improve significantly. In one such case it improved by 5% in less than 1 year. R. J. Collins has currently converted over 60 tables with Accu-Set™ Mass Flow Mold Calibration and is the leading expert in the development and implementation of this cost reducing technology.